IPL Prediction: Match forecasts for 2022 IPL competition

Eager to see what the outcome of your favourite matches in India or in other countries would be? Let us share with you a couple of our expertly written forecasts based on previous match results and team performance right here at IPL Prediction, your trusted cricket sports forecast in India! Check out our latest forecasts below: 

Gujarat Titans vs Rajasthan Royals 

For this match, we predict that Gujarat Titans would be the winner since GT ensured that they would have the best possible outcome with their limited resources. GT also gathered a strong bowling attack, which contributed to their success in the field. Overall, in GT’s previous matches, they have shown that they have established a strong match model for how they can win the T20 competitions while ensuring the ultimate success of the team for future matches. 

Meanwhile, the Rajasthan Royals have also trusted their team effort more than the individual brilliance of each player. However, this doesn’t prove to be the best strategy since RR has two of the best individual players in the game on their team, which is Yuzvendra Chahai and Jos Buttler. 

Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 

Rajasthan Royals is predicted to be the winner of this match since RR has a good batting performance between the three middle-order batters. Moreover, during the GT chase, RR managed to first major blow to the opposite team despite losing control of the match eventually. RR proves that they only need to do their best to take hold of the match at the earliest part of the competition to continue a winning form. 

Meanwhile, the RCB team managed to maintain a good show after defeating GT and Lucknow Super Giants. For the upcoming match, they would meet RR, the second-best team in the league to cement their way to the top. 

Lucknow Super Giants vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 

For this match, we predict that the Royal Challengers Bangalore would win since LSG have left an impressive performance in their inaugural seasons. However, the recent form of the team may leave the audience concerned despite the team coming off as a thriller against the Kolkata Knight Riders. 

RCB have built a strong team and they have delivered good results so far, but the team has a poor outing against the RCB. Meanwhile, RCB came off with a good win over the Gujarat Titans but they have to wait for the Delhi Capitals to lose the match before they can join the play-offs. 

The players of RCB have shown to have good form, which contributed to the consistent performance of the team. The team was also able to defeat LSG in a match before, but we doubt that they can get away unscathed in this upcoming competition.